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Government Internship and Training Programs

A huge majority of fresh graduates are looking for government internships. So, get online to view various internship programs offered by the government of Pakistan to help you all. Moreover, you can also avail the opportunity to get training according to your qualification and area of interest relevant to your specific field of study. This article is to create awareness about the latest programs that would help you as fresh graduates to make the experience to qualify for a job throughout Pakistan. So, visit our web page to know about the upcoming programs that brighten your future. The various organizations currently working for the progress of Pakistan and offering numerous internship and training programs. Here, I am going to mention some of the organizations and programs working under government sector and giving the opportunity to youth to establish their career.

Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB)

PSEB InternshipThis organization specifically comes under the category of IT industry. Through continuous success, this organization is the major cause of progression in IT industry worldwide. It offers National ICT Training Program for fresh graduates with the qualification in IT department. The main objective of this organization trains youth and make their contribution successful in public sector organizations. However, if anyone of you wants to apply for this government internship program, visit here


eRozgaar internshipThis is one of the websites offering government internship program. It is for the betterment of unemployed fresh graduates. One can also avail the opportunity of freelancing. Earning online is being designed by Chief Minister, the government of Punjab. You can also become the part of this training program enhance your silks and secure a better living. For more details, you can view

 National Productivity Organization (NPO)

NPO InternshipNPO comes under government sector and offers government internship program related to the enhancement of productivity culture. This progression is made in private and public sector organizations with the help of training, surveys, seminars, workshops etc. it often deals with research work on productivities. If someone is interested in this program then check for applying . their upcoming training programs include self-learning e-Course on occupational health and safety management system, good agricultural practices, planning and management on community-based rural tourism and much more.

Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM)

This institute is one of the pioneers of executive development in Pakistan. From business and industry, it is for training and help in emerging new managers. Moreover, it provides opportunities to organizational managers to progress through research, training, and consultancy. While training, it works the following management areas like general management, operational management, personal effectiveness, first line supervision and much more. If you recently get your graduation degree in management then avail the opportunity of training from this institute. For further information, look in

National Internship Program (NIP)

For the unemployed youth of Pakistan, it is one of the best government internship programs. It is for graduates so they can work and polish their skills in the area of their relevant field. They will get training how to act, behave and work in a professional setting. So, if anyone is looking for an internship program just visit this to avail this chance.

Above mentioned organizations, institutes and various programs would help you all to move forward in life successfully. So, explore these government internships without any delay. These training programs would help you to make work experience and open a door of golden opportunities. Read this article and get ready to accomplish your desires.

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