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types of government jobs in pakistan

Types of Government Jobs in Pakistan

Types of Government Jobs in Pakistan

Although the more common jobs most of the people know are government jobs and private jobs. But these are also further divided into different types. Like in case of government jobs here are the two major types of Government Jobs in Pakistan;

  1. Local Government jobs
  2. Federal government jobs

Beyond that, in case of government jobs, there are many more unique jobs at the state level, local level, in cities, municipalities, and towns. Here we will discuss only major types of Government Jobs in Pakistan;

Local Government Jobs

Every city, country, and town have its own structure for government services, that may include everything from administering the schools to teaching the classes, from maintaining parks to ticketing illegally parked cars. Moreover, it depends on the responsibilities of the jobs, size of city or town and the salary, benefits and economic realities of the region.

Few local government jobs are as follows;

  • Fire inspectors and investigators jobs

    They are responsible to ensure about buildings and homes in the municipality. In addition to their job is to code, and investigate fires and explosions.

  • Database administrations jobs

    Like other government jobs, it is somehow different. Because the main focus is to operate computer databases and maintain of all municipalities.

  • Surveying and mapping technicians

    The main focus is to create maps for construction and other public projects. So, they work with civil engineers, architects, and administrators.

  • Landscaping and groundskeeping workers

    The main responsibility is to maintain public areas of the municipality.

  • Healthcare social workers jobs

    The main focus is to provide support services. Moreover, they give direction to people in need of medical services.

Federal Government Jobs

Major government jobs that are federally monitored mostly include the Department of the Army account, Department of Veterans Affairs. It is one of the most prestigious types of Government Jobs in Pakistan that are perfect for you due to the benefits of government jobs. In the federal bureaucracy, there is also need of data managers, enforcement officers, secretaries, legal analysts, computer specialists, doctors, nurses, lawyers, nutritionists, dentists, dieticians, training instructors and public relations coordinators and many more.

  • Museum technicians and curators

    They are charged with the storage, preservation, and exhibition of items in a museum’s collection. In addition, they are also responsible for research into the nature of various possessions.

  • Postal Service government jobs

    It is one of the government jobs. The main focus is to mail carriers deliver the mail.

  • Human resource jobs

    These are specialists in recruiting and manage payroll issues, place workers for right jobs, and provide information to employees about health insurance, pension plan, and other benefits.

  • Foresters government jobs

                 The main focus is to manage and maintain parks, watersheds, wildlife habitats, public lands, beaches and assist in compliance with environmental regulations.

  • Aerospace engineers government jobs

    It is one of the reputable federal jobs. Hence, the main concern is to design, build and test aircraft, missiles, space vehicles, and satellites.