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Working Women in Government and Private Sector

Work is the requirement of every citizen living in this world of advancement and modernity. Along with the emergence of awareness, there exists a system of equality to view the progression in the development of a nation on the economic basis. For bring this change rapidly, women are participating in every field of life to help out their nation. The working women of the current era act as a soul that builds the nation on solid grounds. By supporting and encouraging their families.

The working women have equal rights as she has valued and important in front of others. In Pakistan, women are working in government and private sectors. At all levels, the work of women is appreciated. Moreover, women are facilitated. There are laws that support and appreciate women’s willpower. explore and find out online jobs from our job portal easily without any delay. You can explore numerous job vacancies available in Pakistan published this year. The male and female citizens get an equal opportunity to be selected for the jobs in Pakistan without any compulsion. There is no strict rule for females in government and the private sector. On the other side, there are exceptions still exist in some companies that are public or local.

The working women get a chance to be benefited by the government and private sectors. As they are the sole makers of their nation, besides that they had to look after their family. The maternity of women is always an issue that should discuss. But, government and the private sector does consider this issue and solve it by providing one or two months leave for working women. Currently, the law provides 60 days maternity leave for women employees both in government and private sectors for normal delivery, and 78 days in case of Caesarian section, but only for those in the private sector. One of the policies that are under action to make assure increase the duration of maternity break for working women includes, “This policy brief provides the rationale for increasing and harmonizing the maternity leave for both the government and private sector employees.”

Besides these benefits, women have still undermined in exceptions. But, overall the government of Pakistan is making possible laws for the welfare of women. There is a commonwealth act No.647 says, “An Act to Grant Maternity Leave to Married Women Who are in the Service of the Government or Any of Its Instrumentalities.”

So ladies, find a proper job for you and play your role in the development of Pakistan.

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